Welcome to the private clinic of Charlie Hill

Everyone's favorite weird little doctor



Art by yours truly, hopeful to get a better version of a different drawing soon!
Pronouns they/them he/him
Identity Masc Nonbinary
  • Biological studies
  • Micro tech
  • Occultism
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Industry medicine
  • The idea of dying
  • Everett
  • Spencer
  • Mia
  • Lou
  • Golden Hour Corp.
  • The Director
  • Chrysos
Occupation History
  • Current: Underground Clinic Doctor
  • Ex-employee of Golden Hour Corp.
  • Ex-[REDACTED] of [REDACTED] Hospital
"Most people I know aren't talented at being good humans, mostly the human ones."

Charlie is a doctor that is completely dedicated to trying to provide care to as many people as ethically as possible given the circumstances at hand. They work their own private nonprofit clinic, and spend a majority of their time bouncing between there and the house that he hides out at. In spare time, they frequent a bar where a lot of business festers. Be it a drunken brawl outside or people seeking to ease their physical ailments through a bit too much booze, Charlie does their best to help everyone possible. Of course, this does not always go entirely well, but that is not for lack of trying, typically a lack of being able to keep up with himself- or the sheer fact that they are one singular being, just doing what they can.

End of the day, Charlie is a little bit of a weirdo (a freak, if you will) and is endlessesly working on medicine and technology and most of all trying to create hyperspecific solutions to hyperspecific problems. One of his biggest desires is to be able to help as many people as possible, but it is very difficult having to keep his existence as in-the-shadows as possible.

Table of Contents
  • 1. Early life
  • 2. Time at GHC
  • 3. The private clinic
  • 4. Relationships
  • 5. Talents abilities and other fun stuff


At a rather young age, no older than pre-school age, Charlie fell ill. His parents take them to an experimental facility for treatment, not being well off enough to seek proper treatment. Not just this, but equally unwilling to go the unruly route of waiting for public services to open up a slot. While intending to save their son and make a couple bucks for compensation, they sooner found just how truly they had sold their kid. Charlie grows up in the hospital as visits from his family begin to dwindle, then fully stop, relying on doctors and fellow patients for comfort and growth. He was even taught there by the doctors themselves, asking intensive question about every procedure they were subjected to until they practically knew how to perform any of them himself.

Eventually, after such long radio silence from family, Charlie gets swept up when his Aunt comes to take him back to her home. She had learned of what happened and started fighting to seize custody, the courts giving it all over rather easy (as opposed to an legal case that would stir word of the hospital's true actions, or maybe the Hill's not truly caring to waste the funds to defend themselves). Charlie and Mia are put into their Aunt's care, the documentation about it citing how Mia was eventually prevented from seeing Charlie, how this meant the parents were not visiting him at all either. At the age of 14, Charlie leaves the hospital.


For the 4 years until they reached legal adulthood, Charlie recieved opportunity offers from Golden Hour Corporation (GHC), the company outsourcing medical equipment to the hospital they grew up in. The company had noticed Charlie's ability to learn medical practices quickly and effectively, not to mention all the little projects that they made in their youth for class. These devices Charlie made did not go overlooked by GHC, wanting him to work for them and replicate all of the technology as the one who conceptualized it. At the age of 18, Charlie leaves his new home, one they had not truly adjusted to enough to call home, to go to work for GHC.


Working for them for a couple of years, Charlie eventually becomes sick of the corporate surgeon gig and manufactures a way to escape from his job, only to go do the job better and his own way among the blackmarket medical community. They dedicated themself to running a clinic with open doors to accept those in need of help and treatment, everything from basic checups and vaccines to biotech procedures and prosthetic upkeep.

It is here Charlie meets Lou, then meets Everett, as both sought him out as a specialist. He is one of the few doctors to run blood drives in the blackmarket, a donation of blood being a primary form of payment whenever possible. Most have no true idea, only rampant speculation, on how "Dr. Bloodbag" keeps his clinic afloat as a a self-proclaimed nonprofit, but the fact he can somehow get anesthetic shuts most chattering mouths.





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