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TAUTOZHONE (where the H is silent)


sona of the author behind the projecct, tauto

art of my sona, human with lambish features and a third eye and cool glasses. i do not look like this but one can aspire to greatness
call me tauto
my pronouns are they/them
i was born in 2002
it's a little secret but
there are stories to tell
  • about The Universe
  • The Narrators
  • The Fate of Bloodlines
  • The Immortals of The Universe
  • and so much more
expect more but it will take time
for now stay tuned in
"i can only be the vessel of my creativity at the end of it all"

  • 0. the rambling and ranting
  • 1. mini character hub
  • 2. mini story hub
  • 3. fanart schowcase
  • 4. button zone!
  • 5. (TBA: update log)

the rambling and ranting

hello there! if you are reading this, especially while it still reads like this, you have stumbled across the very early efforts of my creative project! for the past couple years of my life, i have found myself drawn to the magnetic force that is writing. i think i noticed it most while going from a highschooler who writes for fun to a college student who pays to study literature and wishes it was only the creative writing classes, (i actually was a software engineering major as a freshmen before i switched to an english major... oh how its cycled right back to coding, but i am so greatful for the template from @limegreen as i adore it and want to explore the wikipedia-like layout potentials)

in a recent version of this page, i said i had a tumblr to hold the stories i would be writing. very honestly, i have fallen in love with the process of this itself and the customization, so i think i will be reversing the order of release. stories will be here first, and then they will get put other places to some extent. this site will still be the most saturated with information on my project. if you like sci-fi vibes and very overcomplicated storytelling, stick around!! let me know you're interested!! in fact, as of another recent update, the very first story (from The Narrtors, page pending) is up!

right now i've succeeded in making a character hub mage for my OCs as well as friend's characters that i am excited to showcase. i now also have a story hub, outlined with different sections of this universe i want to deliver stories about. my goals are to fill out all of the character pages, but along the way i want to release short stories and art (illustrations, comics, the fun stuff). i'll also be putting up any fanart from my friends that i've gotten, as i treasure their engagement and encouragement. i really need to figure out how to make an update log to keep track of all of this, even if most of my changes end up additive, i want to make sure things make sense

as i keep getting distracted with the idea of filling out character sheets i do have to commit myself to telling stories about all of those characters as well, i do mean all of them, no matter how long it takes- and then perhaps i can expand outside of just character pages, go into pages for the general worldbuilding! for now i am having a lot of fun with this and ever worrying about just how much i keep updating the site with new stuff, more stuff, but thats the point isn't it? i'll have a dedicated resource for everything, and that'll be so fun, but i can't fully process the idea people might see it, read it, enjoy it, it makes me happy to think about and aspire to. i do not think that anything groundbreaking will happen here, but i want to maintain the feeling of wiki pages for characters that reference the stories they are from, which will be on site for exploring, i hope to make a dedicated page explaining the project as well, as if this itself is not already working towards that in some ways. the curse of wanting to do meta story telling is worrying it'll come off wrong, but i'm honestly shoveling forward with whatever feels like its the most fun to do

stuff zone

mini character hub

what if you made 3 people that love stories so muchsilly goth doctorto be be added....

find more characters here

mini story hub

the narrators were excited to say higirlfriends but both of them have 9857 mental disordersthis one

find more stories here


this is where i will put fanart until it requires its own page!

oh no.... i havent gotten to putting anything here... very sad.. my two pieces of charlie fanart are crying upon my shelf...

button zone

i have a button, it's image is stuck riiiiight here, but it was made here!

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