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Everyone's favorite storytellers


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Pronouns They/Them/Theirs (Plural)
Identity Observational Entities
  • Storytelling
  • Literature
  • Creatives everywhere
  • Harsh deadlines
  • Hidden corners
  • Power imbalances
  • The Twins
  • Themselves
  • They try best not to take sides
Occupation History
  • Storytellers
"There is always a whimsical feeling that comes about when it dawns upon Us that there is so much to see, and so much to say about it all."

The Narrators are the collaborative conciousness of each individual Narrator, only addressed as such when working together. Each one has their own interests, preferences in all realms of observing and recording the narrative, but none pass judgement upon the differences between each of them.

Existing outside of time and space, but having access to most but not all of time and space, they find comfort in keeping each other company in their apartment detached from the timeline and the narrative.

  • 1. Who?
  • 1.1 Nif
  • 1.2 Nim
  • 1.3 Nix
  • 2. What?
  • 3. Relationships
  • 4. Talents abilities and other fun stuff



By mere technicalities, she is considered the oldest of the three, and typically the most eunthusiastic about sharing reports with each other. Every time she finishes a personal report of hers, she waits for Nim and Nix to be present, and then reads the report aloud to them both


The most organizational of them all, he prioritizes staying on point, especially when they are doing a collective report. He enjoys sorting both Nif and Nix's files alongside his own, and makes sure that everything around the apartment is in order. He is not as fond of reading out his own reports, and finds Nif's commentary rather engaging enough to let her read them out herself.


As much as they can, Nix likes to make sure that Nif and Nim don't have too much trouble getting the job done. Narrating comes pretty easy to them, so they spend a lot of time assisting either of the others with tasks around the apartment. They are the best at fixing the fax machine, and they tend to be the one to organize any messages that come in from it.


They are narrating! all around the universe, observing as many places as they can through as many perspectives as they can reach, and then reporting what they find back to The Twins. Eventually, this gets a little unsatisying, so The Narrators sumbitted a report completely unrelated to any part of the narrative asking to share all of those reports somehow as stories.


The Twins

They work pretty hard to get all those reports to The Twins, and rarely is feedback recieved outside from reminders not to get too distracted and to keep up their writing. The Twins are very important to The Narrators, even if each has a slightly different opinion. Their job is their job, until time ceases, and then until time begins again. They find a peace in this.


  1. Observational access to a vast amount of time and space, but not all of it
  2. They have a very fancy fax machine, it is their primary means of communication from within their apartment
  3. Within the realm of linear time, all of them had a few hundred years between their first appearances in the apartment, but to them they each appeared on after another. Nif first, then Nim, then Nix