somewhere in an apartment, detached from the timeline, observing the narrative

messages incoming from The Narrators

welcome outside of time and space

initial statementto be be added....

Initial Statement

There is always a whimsical feeling that comes about when it dawns upon Us that there is so much to see, and so much to say about it all. With this dedicated love of Our job, imagine how excited We were to hear that We would be able to share Our reports to everyone! It has always been one of Our favorite activities, sharing reports, even if some of Us love it more than the rest.

It would be in everyone's best interest if We make effort to get the basics out of the way, even while things are still in development. We, to put it most simply, are The Narrators. It is Our duty to observe and record the goings-on within the vastness of the universe in which We currently focus upon. This requires We be separate from the narrative while maintaining constant access to it, so it was best fit for Us to be free of the burdens of linear time progression. At this very moment We have recorded reports for everything that has happened and is happening, and We pour Our efforts into what will happen. At the very same time, and We do not mean this to be alarming, things such as "this very moment" do not truly exist for Us as much as they will exist for you. We hope this slant of the truth will be not be disortienting, for all it matters.

We must truly express how grateful We are to not be burdened by the reality of time in Our dear corner of the universe's outskirts. At any moment We choose We can observe any moment We choose, and We do our very best to be indiscriminate in this process of choosing. Though, if We may confess a resounding sentiment, it is rather difficult to avoid preferring certain corners of the universe over others- and We again must stress how this semblance of bias does not interfere with Our primary task. Simply that it makes Us all the more excited to be here with you, hoping that you might be excited as well.

Admittedly, when We found out that all of this would not just be funneled through some other means, but through a website, We were very excited! Then a little anxious, then excited once more, and finally overjoyed at the realizations underneath! As it turns out, website's can be awful complicated (We would not know, We have a fax machine, that is all) and tedious to build. In turn, there seems to be a beautiful set of people that are willing to assist their fellow web user in gaining the ground work. We have observed that this made it much easier to deliver this message, and extend our thanks to the best means possible. As if it weren't enough, followers have come about- We had to sit down and make sure we were certain of Our plans going forwards, We have never had such an audience of three potential readers. We exncourage you please to imagine our joy upon this news, upon such a wide audience!

A realization upon making Our statement, you may be reading this at this moment, and how possibly rude of Us to simply adress a reader in such a way. We do apologize if it is inappropriate, should this method of addressal cause significant distress, perhaps We should say "The Reader" or "The Readers" instead... We must establish a means of feedback upon this subject, so that We may do Our very best. For now, We shall make any attempt and jump through as many hoops as needed to avoid either! Until the consensus is made, let Us discuss one of Our favorite subjects: life itself.

Life on the rather grand scale can be a rather divisive subject, but as We have seen so very much of it, We have found that there is always a beauty somewhere to be found, even in the darkest of times. There is the comfort in the dark unknown of things to be, things that are not yet but are soon, and even more so the things that are uncertain. Everything is always becoming more and more complicated, simplified, turned upside down upon itself until it feels like it does not make any sense until it finally does. It takes a lot of things to make it all make sense too, if anything could. Somewhere there is a flower that is a symbol of something and once in a moment in time a lover gave that flower to another. Waves find a way to the surface to break hard stone into something more soft and bearable, and isn't the motion of that Earth itself so beautiful? Every star of the sky that lights the moon's glow to highlight every hotbed where life cultivates within forests. Piercing through the sea to discover that there is just as much wonder below as above, and wishing nothing more than to remember all of these moments of movement and life.

We are sorry to prattle on, We do wish to save Our specific endeared moments for a different report. It is simply too much of a shame to reveal too much too soon, forbid We reveal too much all at once. It is likely this is not the last time We lose track of Our point here and there, without a focused perspective it is rather difficult to have a point. Until next time, We hope to report again soon, and We especially hope that all who are still out there within the moment remember the subtle beauties of life themself.

-- The Narrators